My favorite thing about photography

...is the challenge of capturing the "art" in my subjects - the unique, beautiful individuality in each person or brand. I try not to do the same thing twice. I have no formula for my sessions - instead I come prepared and open-minded. I do not supply vintage accessories or rusty props. I do not make you jump. I never ask anyone to "say cheese". My art is in capturing not just your face, but who you are showing through.

Photography turned from hobby to business very quickly for me. I studied through the New York Institute of Photography mainly to learn how to use my first DSLR. Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked! I took pictures for anyone and everyone and the requests kept pouring in. Journey To Memories was born in 2007. The satisfaction of delivering excellent work motivates me to continue learning new photography skills and editing techniques. I vow to never quit growing as an artist or as a businesswoman.

Part of learning and growing as a person has been to take advantage of open doors when life takes a turn. Those doors  led me into a new main career in the wine industry for the last several years. As a photographer, this meant a great deal more business and product photography to enhance social media and other marketing avenues for the wineries I worked for. As of June 2022, I am returning to my roots of entrepreneurship. My journey brings me back here to ground myself and regrow as my own boss.       

Thank you for visiting - don't be a stranger! Call or email me anytime for an appointment or just plain curiosity.

-Vickie Llorente
your photographer

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