December 2, 2013 .posted by Vickie Llorente

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

This very confident photographer is about to share a very dark secret with you. Whenever I have an event to shoot, I fear that I won't be able to be "creative" enough with the shots. It's nothing like my usual family session where one small group of people are there for the sole purpose of getting their pictures taken. With an event, like this baby shower, I have no control over the subjects or the lighting (aside from using my massive flash). I love to let people be instead of having them pose or re-enact a scene. These photos are never my creation - they are just a photojournalistic documentation of an event.

So why do I find myself looking at the finished product over and over again with complete joy? Why do I feel such pride in these? I think that it's because these are simply beautiful people, having a wonderful time with each other celebrating a common love for twin babies not even born yet. And I got to capture it. I know most of these precious moments, smiles, and connections would not have been captured if I were not there. Even the detail shots such as the cake, balloons, and centerpieces are special because it's obvious someone put a lot of time and care into making them perfect.

So here they are. Simple moments. Love. Joy. Anticipation. Celebration. Connection. Captured as best I can. The family will have a lovely album that they can treasure forever delivered to them in just a few weeks. In a couple of weeks I'll have a creative maternity session with the family. A month after that twin baby girls will be born and my camera frame will be full of pink sweetness. I do so love my job.

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