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I often visit websites and blogs of other photographers, mostly just to see what is "out there", and also in hopes of finding a photographer who I would like to take my own family portrait. I love to see the variety of styles! Some photographers have been blessed with fascinating subjects. Some have indoor studios and are amazing with artificial light. Some are strictly outdoors and I am amazed at the beautiful locations they find to shoot at.

One thing I've noticed that I do not enjoy so much is when I see some photographers put such tight limits on what they deliver. Some only let you have your 5 favorite photos from your proof sheet and they don't even do any editing until you choose those 5. Most only give you one color style - a creative one or basic one. Maybe they make more money this way but it would absolutely break my heart if you couldn't have ALL of your great photos and if I couldn't have fun editing ALL of them! Yes, it takes hours and hours and hours and I often have to step away for a while so that I don't get "glazed over" looking at and editing so many photos, but it is a labor of love and I wouldn't have it any other way. You will have dozens of photos completely edited to perfection and 3 styles of each to bat! Let me tell you a little more about these 3 styles.

After your session with me, I will edit and produce 3 versions of each of your photos - Natural Color, B&W, and what I call a "Special Color" version.

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

1. Natural Color - Because you are beautiful just the way you are! These photos are edited only slightly to perfect your natural skin tone and light temperature.

2. B&W/Creamtone - A favorite for many people, these photos allow for the most dramatic contrast. They add depth to the scene and draw maximum attention to the subject. Best of all, they will coordinate with just about any decor or project. A note about the B&W version - this may be straight Black & White, or a Creamtone (more subtle than sepia), depending on what flatters the scenery more. I will ask you beforehand if you have a preference.

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

3. Special Color - What is special about Special Color? It's special because I chose it specifically for your photos to enhance them with an artistic touch. This process is done in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop with my custom presets. The preset is chosen/created by me based on two things; what colors are in your photos and what will coordinate with your home decor. I have noticed that many photographers have one style and one style only. It is their trademark style. I understand that the upside of this is that you will know what to expect. The downside, for me, is that it only draws in customers who like that style and I do not like to limit myself professionally or personally that way. No two families/subjects are the same. Personalities range from crazy color types to subdued hues and I LOVE to work with every kind of person!

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

I don't want to limit YOU to only MY artistic interpretation of you, which is why you get to have all 3 styles of photos to choose from. I'm betting though that, like me, you will enjoy all 3 versions for their different strengths. The best way to enjoy all 3 color versions of your photos is with a CollageWall display and/or Photo Book. It's fun to mix them up!

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

(Above - Album layout sample)

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