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by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

I'm remembering now being 17. I do remember something about schoolwork and sports, but mostly I remember my relationships. My friends were the center of my universe. We were all going through major life changes, deciding where to go to college, where to live, to follow our unrealistic dreams or just be practical. It was a make-or-break for some friendships. With some, I grew closer. With others, the "growing apart" began to happen, though I couldn't imagine that some of them I would never even hear from again until Facebook came along.

One thing is for sure, though - these relationships were a part of me then and always will be. The people in our lives during those youthful years have a part to play in who we become. Some are small parts, and some are big, but they all matter. I have an album one of my wonderful friends made for me of all our happy memories during those years and it is one of my most treasured possessions. There were the sleepovers with silly pajamas, sport photos, drama (one stage and off!), trips to San Francisco, and letters of love, encouragement, and embarrassing moments. There are lots of stickers and the photos are all cut out to different shapes.

It's beautiful.

To remember how your friends made you laugh is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. The friends and siblings in this session shared the day (and also shared the cost*) together and had a wonderful time making memories. If you are considering having a senior portrait session done for yourself, why not include your friends? Siblings? Pet? They are an important part of your life right now and the memories will be an anchor for you in the unpredictable years ahead.

*Notes about shared sessions: To share a session means you can split the sitting fee evenly. This will not result in you getting fewer photos then you would on your own as long as there are no more than 4 people. For more people, you could add extra time to the session. After the session, you will have personal purchasing consultations. You will have at least 20 personal portraits to choose from as well as the friend/group shots. You actually end up with more photos total this way than on your own but the purchasing price on the digital files does not increase. It's a great deal!

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by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

photo by Vickie Llorente of Journey to Memories Photography

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