Small business is my jam and I know what a challenge it is not to  have time to do it all. One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is trying to wear too many hats. Sure, you are capable of baking the cookies, updating your website, cleaning your floors, arranging your product, posting to Facebook, uploading to Instagram, formatting and sending out a beautiful email newsletter... do I need to go on? You are capable in skill but you only have so much time. You should spend your time doing the parts you love most. 

Where do I come in? Social Media today is visually driven. Great photos are a must. They tell the story of your brand and can have the power to make their way through the viewers eyes and straight to their soul. Having the right photos can take care of 80% if your marketing. Tell me your marketing needs and goals and I will get you started with the photo collection that will help get you there. 

Step 1: Consult & Booking

Just send me an email to schedule a phone call for a free consultation regarding your photography needs. 

Do you want to set a scene to tell a story with your product?

Do you need high quality stand alone images for your web store?

Do you need headshots of your team? There are many areas of focus - let's talk and work out the priority!

If I am the right fit for what you need, we can schedule your session. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at this time.

Untitled photo


$500 session fee for up to 3 hours of photography. If we are creating a scene for your product/people then this includes setup time as well. Photos will be edited and posted  within 3 days.

Happy with your photos?

$350 is all it will cost you to download all of the full-size files you want from your session. Or you may choose individual images for $45 each:


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