New for 2016! A Friend for the Journey is a new monthly subscription package designed with small business in mind. Read on for the details or connect with me at:



You don't have time to do it all. Let me help! One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is trying to wear too many hats. Sure, you are capable of baking the cookies, updating your website, cleaning your floors, arranging your product, posting to Facebook, uploading to Instagram, formatting and sending out a beautiful email newsletter... do I need to go on? You are capable in skill but you only have so much time. You should spend your time doing the parts you love most. 

Where do I come in? Social Media today is visually driven. Great photos are a must. And using them is also a must. What good is a photo session if you're left with 100 great photos and still have to do the rest of the work yourself? With me as your friend and personal photographer, you will have a steady flow of up-to-date photos of your business including it's face, employees, product, and events. You choose which social media platforms are a priority for you and I will update them with the photos. 


One good way to use photos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is by creating memes with photos of your business and loading the metadata with top keywords. As the memes get passed around the internet, so does your business name and other keywords. 

Memes will be created with your own product and your own favorites quotes and quips. They are great for posting on Facebook and Pinterest. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

You know that these resources need to be updated several times a week to be effective. I can take that off your hands for you. I'll post photos and any updates you would like me to. 

Friends Tough Topics


If you love to blog, then you know that you are already full of your own unique ideas and points of view. What you write is all your own and you deserve your own photos to go along with it. Not to mention it is a copyright infringement to use others photos taken off the internet. 

Types of blog photos I can create for you include use of product, staged scenarios, themed photos, and candid moments of you interacting with your customers. 

Email newsletters

I can work with your current template or create a new one for  you on whichever provider you use. I'll add the photos. You fill in the text and send!

Staff Photos

You and your staff are each worth their weight in gold and you shouldn't be afraid to show them off! Including your these on your website and other media outlets builds the image of your business and boosts employee morale.

Web Site

A beautiful website is not a complicated thing. Just fill it with gorgeous photos of what you do and you are set! If you sell online and need product photos, I can accommodate that as well.

Custom Anything

Below is pricing and descriptions for a simple subscription, but I understand that your business is unique and has unique needs. If we need to create a special package just for you that is within my abilities and resources, then it will be done. 


Set up fee = $145   

Set up includes a meeting to discuss goals, strategy, and style, head shots of you and your entire staff, photo of your storefront and 1 product photo.

3 unique photos a week + 3 social media platforms = $360/mo   

This is the base package. It gets you 3  photos a week and 3 social media updates. What that means exactly is 3 unique, full-size files, commercial license photos that you get to keep forever. I will use those photos to update 3 of your social media platforms. You choose which 3 and which photos you want on each. There are lots of ways to do this and we will find the best combinations for you. Minimum 1 year agreement.

(What this service would cost per month a-la-carte: 4 photo sessions = $580 + 12 full-size files w/commercial license = $300 + SEO/Social Media updating = $80.

Total a-la-carte = $960)

+ 1 additional photo a week + 1 social media platform = $60/mo

Add an extra hour to include more photos and/or more social media platforms.    -    206-669-4496

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